Can a cocky guy who hates working for ‘the man’ really make you IT Contractors this much money, In your existing job -without you needing to ask for a promotion or do a single stitch of extra work.

Dear Fellow IT Geek

I am Brian Colborne, a fellow IT guy who has worked for some of the biggest online gaming companies in the world. I have contracted in London and worked in Malta, South Africa and Ireland.

Why Am I Writing This?
I am here to show you the best way to get the most possible money out of your current contract by reducing your tax to the absolute minimum legally possible, using a secret and often jealously guarded tax optimisation service usually reserved for only the very top earners in the freelancing and contracting field…

I’m talking about the gals and guys who earn anywhere between 400 per day to 1k,

Heck their services even include a guy who is a consultant to warren buffet(NO JOKE) I’m NOT going to tell you how much he earns..

So the story goes like this, I have a very good friend (we grew up together) who owns this elite tax optimisation service, its been around since 2004 and he asked me to help him market his services, yeah that’s what this website is about…

I’m just a straight shooter, not a fancy marketer, so I’m just going to give you the deal exactly as is.

The benefits:

  • 87% take home pay, yes Im not kidding.. this is not so uncommon, as you may already have seen adverts offering 85 or even 90% take home pay(do your homework on the 90% promise, the sums don’t add up!!) I checked that one out myself.
  • The same kind of care you get from an umbrella company ie no need for admin or tax returns on your part, we do it for you.
  • Payments work like clockwork
  • You get to deal with a professional company small enough to give you individual attention yet large and experienced enough to know the score (we’ve been around for 7 years)

Just think what 87% take home pay can do for you, and how much of an improvement it is on your normal pay.

To get more information and/or sign up

Please fill out the Contractor Calculator email form below, we will send you an information pack on how this works, yes its completely legal.

PS: KPMG helped us design this solution, drop us an email and we will tell you how you can.

PPS: If you like our information pack and want to use our services just call us or email us back and we will send you the forms to get you on our books, this takes less than 10 minutes of your time and you can be signed up within a day.